Whole Transcriptome Profiling

As part of its Gene Expression and Molecular Profiling services, Cellecta offers Whole Transcriptome RNA-Seq profiling. Whole transcriptome profiling captures both mRNA and multiple forms of non-coding RNA with comprehensive transcript data for each of your samples. This service not only allows you to obtain differential gene expression, but also provides information about alternative transcripts, alternative splicing, gene fusions, allele-specific expression, and discovery of novel transcripts or biomarkers.

Cellecta Advantages

  • A comprehensive end-to-end sequencing service from RNA isolation to data analysis
  • Directional RNA-Seq
  • Basic service includes reference alignment, cluster analysis, variants and gene fusion analysis

Whole Transcriptome Service Features

  • Directional RNA-Seq
  • Guaranteed 25 million reads
  • Raw data as FASTQ files
  • Data analysis, including
    • Reads per gene and FPKM
    • Genome reference alignment
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • Gene ontology enrichment, and pathway enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes
    • Differential expression analysis–sample-to-sample or treated vs. non-treated
  • Additional analysis, including gene ontology breakdown and pathway enrichment assessment, available on request

Whole Transcriptome Sample Submission

  • Total RNA (200-250 ng)
  • Cells, Tissue, or RNA